James and Delaine L.
We live in Key West Florida which is closer to Cuba than Miami so we were ecstatic that someone would drive here to fix the battery. Right after our call, they scheduled the appointment in just a couple of days. The technician arrived promptly and fixed our battery in just a couple of hours. He knew exactly what to do and we were able to drive our car immediately after he left. We recommend this company to anyone with a battery problem.

Diana  R.
The technician was great. From the start he was friendly and very knowledgeable about the problem I had with my battery. He walked me through the process of fixing it as he was doing the work. I had many questions and he answered every single one. I am very thankful for the job well done!

James B.
I highly recommend Battery Repair Experts as an alternative to the dealership. They are punctual, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help! They charge a lot less too!

Bruce W.
Nice work. You made a bad situation in to a job well done fast and courteous job. After several weeks it look like I truly have my baby back thanks Bruce.

James M.
These guys are the best.  Very fast, dependable and come when they say they will.. These guys know what they are doing, so give them a call.

Ricardo D.
I'd like to tell you that I’m very happy with your service and your professional treatment towards myself and how you fixed my car. Now I am planning to buy another hybrid car and I know you guys are there to provide a great service.

Steve K.
Hector was awesome – highly recommend.

Albert P.
So far 100% satisfied with your tech and the work he provided

Robert M.
Their service was great on our 2003 Prius . The  Toyota dealer wanted such a large amount for a new battery that it was better to junk the car until we found the battery experts who solved  our problem and the little car is working great. Their follow up was sufficient. We are truly grateful for their help.

Dan In New Smyrna, FL
These guys rock! Respond to my calls, and fixed it!  Thank you! Saved me thousands!

David B.
Toyota wanted over $4,000 to fix this problem. Your tech removed, cleaned, and analyzed my battery determining it was fine, reworked all the contacts, found a faulty wiring harness, replaced harness and ECU (that Toyota wanted $839 for, and had the car running again. It took about 3 hours to do the work. Saved me $3K. I highly recommend Battery Repair Experts to anyone with a problem.

Toyota tech stopped by while we were working (on a side street just off the Toyota lot where we pushed the car) and told me Toyota will not repair this problem, only replaces everything.

Kelly G.
Juan and Rafael could not have been nicer! The battery in my daughters Prius died in Jacksonville while at college, I called from sarasota they were there the next day and had it fixed in an hour. I will definitely call on you again!

Melissa W.
WOW, great service! Tech was very knowledgeable and polite. I would suggest this company to everyone I know! Great job, kept in touch and let me know everything going on through out the process.

Dave A.
I am a car guy. I do most of my own maintenance on my vehicles but this was something I was not comfortable doing myself. Juan and Hector were very professional throughout the process. The Prius runs great and I was impressed with the speed and thoroughness of the work. Hector was gracious enough to let me watch the process. 40 minutes start to finish. WOW!!!

The best service to my car was done by these guys. Starting from the manager to the service tech, they dedicated to give me the finest service. I highly recommend them to everyone and they know what they are doing. Do not take your car to the dealer and call these guys I highly recommend that you do that.

Fernando P
I would like to Thank you Raphael for the great job today very dedicated.

Steve G.
I’d like to provide my highest recommendation. Juan’s technician, Raphael, was prompt, expert, and personable. He went out of his way to explain the process and made sure everything was “just right.” For a layman like myself, he made me feel comfortable with my decision. 5-stars!

Roger K.
Juan and Rafael were fantastic. Rafael showed up right on time, even a few minutes early and took great care to fix my daughters 2007 Toyota Prius battery. While talking with Rafael as he worked, I could tell in my spirit we were blessed to choose a company who is integrity filled. They care about people, not just making money….5 stars!!!

Dave K.
Cory did an outstanding job in record time…my car feels like brand new all over again. He was courteous, professional and definitely knew what my poor Prius needed. Thank you so very much for breathing new life into my 2005 Prius!

Colleen P.
Juan was prompt to have Rafael replace my battery again which failed on a long road trip 1 week after initial replacement. My gas gauge does appear to be working again and am able to pump gas as usual now too. I truly appreciate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Colleen P.
Raphael was very kind and thorough with his work on the battery. He experienced some issues with my battery which required him to take the battery over night and continued to work on it through the next morning until it was resolved. I hope to report back to this post next year that the battery continues to be in good working order.

Steve K.
I was very happy with the professionalism and work that Cory did to get my Prius back on the road. He was personable and very knowledgeable. I plan to refer these guys to others for sure!

Natalie R.
This past Monday my battery went bad. Took my Prius to the Toyota dealer and was told that it would cost me $4000 to repair. I’m a single mom and no way I could afford that outrageous price! Called Juan and on Wednesday morning a technician came over and repaired my battery. Wow! Great service and great price. Car is running like a champ. Highly recommend this guys.

Shawn B.
Just got battery serviced on 06 Prius. What a great price vs dealer. Lucky to have found these guys. They came out in 2 days and fixed it very quickly upon arrival. I was about to abandon what was otherwise an ok car instead of spending over 3k with dealer. Got the extra warranty just in case and look forward to another 150k miles. Thanks!!

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